Skilled TradesEducation

Be it higher education or skilled trades, we owe it to our kids to help them find the areas where they will shine, and work to connect them with those jobs upon graduation.

Job GrowthJob Growth

Not all have felt Michigan’s economic success. As a small business owner, I understand where government can help, and where it’s in the way. I will look out for working families trying to keep up.

Criminal Justice ReformCriminal Justice Reform

As a state, we need to work diligently to reduce recidivism, incarceration costs, and ultimately invest more into our Mental Health System.

Supporting Our VeteransSupporting Our Veterans

It is up to Grand Rapids to lead the charge in ensuring Veterans access to quality care, benefits, and services. The devastating audit on our GR Home shows we haven’t been doing our job. When I go to Lansing, I will fight for those who have fought for us.